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Hello - I'm Dan

Thanks for checking me out. 

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My Story

Chapter 1 - A musical prelude

From a tender age, I found solace in the world of music. At just 16, I picked up my first instrument and set off on a lifelong love affair with melodies and rhythms. Through the years, I have tried (with varying degrees of success) to hone my musical talents, experimenting with various genres and instruments, and venturing into different musical projects that allowed me to express myself artistically and connect with others who share my passion for sound. To see what musical things I am up to right now, head to "Music".

Chapter 2 - A legal interlude

Turns out I had to earn money somehow, and I used an innate love of philosophy and ethics to create a career in law. This decision took me to London, where I trained and qualified as a lawyer, and then to Vienna where I worked in corporate law, followed by 5 years in a biotechnology company at the cutting edge of cancer immunotherapy. I experienced all the intense highs and lows associated with being a corporate lawyer - from having my face on a Times Square billboard after my company went public, to 48 hour shifts sat in front of a screen reviewing contracts. After 10 years of lawyering, my soul needed a break and I decided to end my legal career and take an 18 month sabbatical. 

Chapter 3 - Relationships are the bridge

In 2021, I decided to take my relationships (of all kinds) a little more seriously. Along with a good friend, I co-founded a discussion group for relationships called the "Unlabelled Group" ( What started as 5 people around my dining table has turned into monthly meetings where attendance is limited to 30 people, and a telegram group with hundreds of members. It was the Unlabelled Group that finally prompted me to quit my legal career and pursue another adventure, holding workshops on all kinds of relationship topics.

Chapter 4 - The Crescendo

So here I am, on my sabbatical and working on a whole variety of projects. 

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